The Largest "Rice Grain" in Karawang



  • Location : Karawang, West Java, Indonesia
  • Area : 135.800 sqm
  • Floors : 3
  • Completed in: 2017

One of the largest mall in Karawang takes "rice" as its main concept. The appearance of "rice grains" is manifested in the oval shape of the atrium. The structure consists of curved steel columns which are made separately from the main building to anticipate structural movement without affecting each other. The outside is covered with laminated glass. The main canopy is the embodiment of "rice stalks". It is designed with rainwater runoff in mind. Apart from supporting the structure, the two columns function to channel rainwater underground. This design also exposes a curved square steel tube structure and a combined sheathing material of aluminum composite panel (ACP) and laminated glass. The dynamic impression of this building is also strengthened by the choice of attractive and eye-catching ACP colors, in the corner facing Resinda Street.

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