"Both Side"




  • Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Area : sqm
  • Floors : 1
  • Completed in: 2023

Nowadays, awareness of health and well-being is becoming more increased than before. Creating more healthier life for everyone is getting closer to the advanced technology that we have over the years. And that is one way to look at it. Achieving something so-called a healthy life is not necessary if we can not see the impact of it on our motherland, which is Earth.

The story of this installation is to show us two sides of perspective that we can see in life. As a human, we are always trying to elevate ourselves to a better and healthy life. On the other side, we need to remember and look carefully at every action that we do and the consequences of that on the environment we live in. So life will go on harmoniously in society and nature|

The installation was exhibited on 8th August 2023 in Jayaboard product launch event "ELEVATE YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE".

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