Exaltation Prism in NAIFEST 2023




  • Location : Bumi Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Area : sqm
  • Floors : 1
  • Completed in: 2023

It is a regular trapezoidal prism with stacked rectangular modules. When you get closer, it splits to make way. Once you enter the route, the color of the lighting changes and alters your emotions. Until you reach the end, the question is, how do you feel?

The purpose of the installation is to make you wonder about how you feel when entering the space and ignore the mundane feeling of repeating everyday life. Color has a significant role to play in influencing your mood. Thus using Deon lamp by Dekkson, the interior is bathed with various colors to modify your feelings. And with the pattern of the structure, the lighting is diffused and gives you different shades and tones of colors.

Building mass was created to make the structure strong and camouflage its interior. All rectangular modules using plywood are stacked to create a solid formation and will be easily dissembled for reuse or rebuilt for another purpose.

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