Remembering Friedrich Silaban through Monumental Architecture



  • Location : Dolok Sanggul, North Sumatera, Indonesia
  • Area : 15.000 sqm
  • Floors : 3
  • Completed in: -

Frederich Silaban is an architect who carved a history of humanity, togetherness, and tolerance through buildings, such as the legendary Istiqlal Mosque. He was born in Dolok Sanggul, which is a village of the Toba Batak ethnic group that has a typical house, namely the Bolon house. He is of Toba Batak descent. Rumah Bolon is a gathering and celebration place for the Toba Batak ethnic group.

The concept of this building takes the meaning and combination of the Balloon House and the architectural characteristics of Silaban. It is hoped that this place will become an information center for Frederich Silaban and Toba Batak ethnic culture in Dolok Sanggul as well as public spaces for all people from the local area and outside (tourists). The iconic roof of the Bolon House and the sturdy and geometric characteristics of the Silaban design with vertical patterns and adaptation to the tropical climate are also the basis for the design of this building.

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