Take a Break at Fo.Rest





  • Location : Indonesia
  • Area : 3.092 sqm
  • Floors : 1
  • Completed in:

Rest becomes an important need for vehicle drivers, especially those traveling long distances. To be able to rest optimally, they need a temporary shelter that can accommodate their various resting activities. Such as resting your eyes which previously had to focus while driving for in longer time or sleeping. It is important for their safety and comfort during the trip.

The users of this rest area are divided into 2 categories, namely drivers/passengers of small vehicles and large vehicles. The type of rest between the driver and passenger is different. Because having to focus on driving throughout the journey requires a different form of rest from passengers who may be able to rest in the car while on the road, these drivers need places and activities that can relieve boredom and fatigue during the trip.

Landscaping can be a supporting element for resting activities. Apart from making the air fresher, landscaping elements can also spoil the eye with various color compositions and plant shapes. Apart from that, trees in the landscape area can also provide tranquility.

The design was made for an architectural design competition for rest areas for toll and arterial which was held by American Standard in 2019.

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