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Hefzi Zainuddin was born in Padang, West Sumatra, in 1955. He is the president director of Arkitekton Limatama and is one of the share holder in the firm.

Graduated in 1982 from the Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Technology University of Indonesia. He is the senior architect in various projects under the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Technology University of Indonesia.

He is, until now lectures and conducting landscape design studio. His projects are mainly landscape design and cityscape development. He is a member of the IAI ( Indonesian Architectural Association ), PSAI ( Indonesian Architect Union ) and FNPA ( National Architecture Education Forum ).

Prior to founding Arkitekton Lima, Hefzi was a senior architect in PT. Tetra Hedra in Jakarta and three years later, he was offered by the University of Indonesia to work as in house Building Planner and Technical Advisor in the Rectorate Office. He is a Registered Architect in DKI Jakarta.

Project Experience:

1982 - 1995, some of the many projects are: Master Plan Semen Padang Housing, Padang 1984 / Renovation Gedung Rectorate UI, Salemba Raya, 3000 m2 FISIP Library, University of Indonesia, Gedung Pasca Sarjana FK- UI 3600 m2, 4 storey, 1600 m2 Salemba Salemba Shopping Center, Jakarta ; Master Plan of Malaysian Embassy - Kuningan - Jakarta 1986; proposal of 30.000 m2 16 storeys Siliwangi Office Tower, Jakarta.

Professional Background

PT. Pembangunan Sumbar, Padang. 1982 - 1984;

PT. Tetra Hedra 1986 - 1989 (Jakarta);

Lecturer at the Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Technology, University of Indonesia 1984- now (Depok); Board Project Development Campus, University of Indonesia 1984-1985 (Depok) ;

PT. Tetra Hedra 1986-1990 (Jakarta), Arkitekton Limatama 1995 - now

Email : hefzi@arkitekton.com